Thursday, March 3, 2016

BST050: earlystones

Ken serves up this episode of his audio-journal in bite size pieces - with a little help from upinthisbrain Jason.

As often talked about on the podcast, but with no affiliation, please read about Gretta Vosper

It's Not Easy - The Rolling Stones - Aftermath
I'm A King Bee - The Rolling Stones - England's Newest Hitmakers
What A Shame - The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones, Now
Grown Up Wrong - The Rolling Stones - 12 X 5
Something Happened To Me Yesterday - The Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons


  1. Speaking of podcasting meetups, have you heard about this? (started in Jan this year)


  2. [approaching the 50 min mark, as close to verbatim as I'll get in this short a time] "It's nice, I'm gonna be around for [Canada's] 150th anniversary. I'm excited about that; gotta do something special for that, tour Canada. Maybe that's the year to get my van. I'm looking at one right now, a RoadTrek 190, and it's parked here overlooking Lake Ontario... Oh god, would that be nice to have, just a little vehicle and you could just... I recline the driver's seat and I have a nice nap but there you could actually have a real sleep, you'd have it hooked up with a nice stereo system, you'd have your books, and oh man would that be nice. I just have to find one used, somewhere, that I'm not gonna have to do too much maintenance on because I'm just not handy."


    1. Woops -- meant to add that that last bit about you not being handy doesn't sound much like you post-purchase. The power of believing in yourself?